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The best way to ensure that your entire outdoor space is not just beautiful but also functions perfectly with your lifestyle is to hire a landscape architect, like Indigo Landscaping & Construction, to manage the complete project. A pool in the wrong place, a shelter that is not planned for changing light sources, or walls and walkways that don’t flow with property elevations and other construction elements can ruin your outdoor experience.

Indigo Landscaping & Construction will manage all the stages of installation and construction of structures so that your design is realized as you envision it. We work with experienced and trusted contractors to ensure flawless results. We manage the timing and oversee the quality to make the construction process seamless and with minimum inconvenience.

All components are considered carefully when we design a landscaping project:


Hardscaping is the design of the non-plant elements of landscaping, like masonry, fences, walkways, paving, shelters, decks and gazebos. Just as important as planning foliage, hardscaping design should be thoroughly considered in advance of construction.


More than just choosing the right hardware, a pleasing lighting plan should be part of a landscape design. Today, there is a range of options to create a special outdoor atmosphere, feature a landscape element or spotlight your home as well as lighting for safety.


Each property has it’s own microclimate and unique soil conditions which requires an irrigation design that is unique. We design systems that will be reliable and provide effective coverage while being cost efficient and water conservation conscious.


All of the components of your landscape design, including lighting and irrigation systems, must be maintained for beauty and efficiency. We offer residential and commercial maintenance contracts to keep your systems running smoothly, with attention to potential problems that can be addressed before they become an emergency, as well as maintaining the health and beauty of your foliage.