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New Landscaping

GradingLandscaping is like painting your outdoor space with vegetation, so your seasonal color pallet is of great importance. All aspects of plant performance are considered, from coordinating bloom color and seasonal leaf color changes to timing the plants peek display so that your landscape evolves throughout the year.

Levels and texture are also an important factor when designing your space. As your eye sweeps the vista of your property, there should be ground level colors and textures that complement the bush level elements and blend with high-level trees. The mix of sunlight and shade are considered so that you will always have a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors and your landscape will thrive.

Indigo Landscaping & Construction will work with you to plan a design that pleases your pallet and enhances your property.

Renovation of Existing Landscape

Just like updating an older home, established landscaping can be renovated for a fresh new view. Some older elements, like a lovely shade tree, can be encouraged and enhanced with ground gardens and seating areas beneath. Other overgrown or neglected elements can be removed to open new space and replaced with new colors and textures.

As with a new landscaping plan, Indigo Landscaping & Construction will consider all the elements of your property and work with you to update your design.