Houzz.com recently released their 2016 landscaping study. The study highlights emerging trends in residential landscaping and some of the motivating factors that influence homeowner’s choices. We thought we would share some of the more interesting statistics that may give you some ideas for your own landscape.

Lawns are getting smaller. 47% of outdoor renovators are reducing the size of their lawn or removing it altogether. The main motivators for this are to update their outdoor design and reduce maintenance. The top products that are replacing lawn space are hardscapes, like walkways and patios, garden beds, ground cover and mulch.

82% of homeowners report upgrading outdoor systems, like irrigation and lighting. Many are embracing the new high-tech systems available such as motion-sensitive lighting, perception-sensitive irrigation and even connected plant sensors. Outdoor lighting is of particular interest. LED lighting is rising in popularity and, while many choose to illuminate the architecture of their home, the main reason given for outdoor lighting is ambiance and creating an enjoyable space.

52% of homeowners enlisted the help of a landscape contractor and/or landscape architect for their outdoor projects. Homeowners prioritize style, comfort, and beauty in outdoor design. A trusted landscape architect like Indigo Landscaping & Construction can help you create the perfect outdoor space while improving the value of your home. The best thing is we take care of all the details, from design to construction to outdoor systems, so your whole space works together.

About Indigo Landscaping and Construction
Indigo Landscaping & Construction, Inc. is a full service, design/build-landscaping company located in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Led by President and co-founder, Robert Steuer, a landscape architect with more than 30 years experience, their capabilities include site planning, soil quality, storm water management, recreation planning and landscape design that integrates “hard” (build) and “soft” (planted) materials. The company has extensive experience along the Grand Strand in residential, commercial, and governmental landscape projects.
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