While most of us grew up learning that spring is the time to plant, there are several reasons why fall is the better planting season.  Roots grow best when the soil is between 55 and 75 degrees.  Here in the Grand Strand area we are fortunate to enjoy warm or pleasant temperatures for most of the year.  September and October provide ideal temperatures to give trees, shrubs and perennials plenty of time to grow before winter.  Fall is also the season when the rate of water loss from trees and shrubs is at a minimum.


Even in the winter season, coastal South Carolina temperatures are generally mild compared to the Northern states.  As temperatures begin to slowly cool, our plants will begin to go dormant, however our climate is still warm enough that our plants continue to produce energy to send to their roots.  By summer they have had months to establish healthy growth and be ready for the hot and dry days to follow.

Spring planted foliage, particularly perennials, can take two or three seasons to reach their full size while those planted in the fall can reach full size the first year.


Sometimes the challenge of deciding which plants to put where can seem a little daunting.  A professional landscaper can help you with the design of your outdoor space.  They know which plants will thrive best in the sun or the shade, which trees will grow to provide shade, and which bushes will work best out in the yard to screen a neighbor or small and trim to enhance a walkway.  A good landscaper can take away the stress and confusion of making all those decisions.
So as the days grow shorter and the cool breezes float in, pick up your shovel, grab your gardening gloves and update your landscaping.  Or give Indigo Landscaping & Construction a call and we’ll take care of it for you.  Either way, come spring you will have a beautiful surprise.